Barney Themed Bottle with Adult Nipple

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Production time is 9 business days

This listing includes one (1) 240ml bottle with your choice of bottle nipple. Pacifier not included.

With this purchase, you'll be helping support my family as well as the artist's family. Paci art is by [Not Safe For Work Link]

It's decorated with cut vinyl and sealed with a non-toxic, waterproof coating to prevent peeling. This seal is not waterproof for the first 28 days, so please do not soak decorated areas until your given date. It's safe to wipe clean with warm, soapy water before your cure date as long as the seal is dried immediately after. Handwash only.

Bottle nipple options:

-Sippy style silicone: A shorter, contoured silicone nipple with three pre-punched holes. Fits any standard size bottle.

-Long Silicone: This is a clear 2 3/4 inch long neck silicone adult nipple. Long enough to reach the back of an adult mouth to comfortably mimic the suckling motion. This teat comes pre-punched with a medium flow hole. Fits any standard size bottle.

-NUK Latex: This is a genuine NUK cleft palate natural rubber latex nipple. It will come with original care instructions and clear standard screw bottle ring. This nipple does not have the feed hole pre-punched, but has instructions to do so. If you or the intended user is allergic to latex, DO NOT USE THIS NIPPLE.

Ships in a 6x4x3 inch box for discreet, private shopping.