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Full Eeveelution Poof Printed Vinyl Adult Pacifier

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Production time is 9 business days

With this purchase, you'll be helping support my family as well as the artist's family. Paci art is by [NSFW link]

Each pacifier will be made with the Eeveelution shield print. The Pokémon placement is at random and always with a white background. You have the choice to either have the Full Eeveelution print on the button or one single large Eeveelution poof. With the choice to pick your shield, button and ring piece colors as well as the teat type. If you wish to have a shield without the Eeveelution print, there are separate listings for each of the large Poké poofs.

This adult pacifier comes with the following adult teat options:
-One frosted silicone teat nicknamed the "NUK 6". 100% silicone and BPA free.
-One clear silicone teat that's smoother and slightly smaller. 100% silicone and BPA free.
-One genuine NUK 5 latex teat made of natural rubber latex. The latex is the smallest both in bulb size and length. Comes with original care instructions.
If you, or intended user, is allergic to latex, DO NOT USE THE LATEX TEAT.

The pacifier disassembles easily for cleaning or mix and match paci parts.

Wash in hot soapy water before use. Do not boil.

The decor is coated with a non-toxic, waterproof coating that takes 28 days to cure completely. To help prevent damage to the decor and have max life, wash the decorated piece separate, lighty by hand with a mildly soapy rag.

Shipping is discreet in a 6x4x2 inch box, so roommates can't feel item through package. No exterior logo. From Jay Kay.

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  • 5
    Absolutely Love It!

    Posted by Samantha on May 21st 2020

    I seriously couldn't be happier! I chose the transparent blue glitter shield with the Eveelution print, the solid grey glitter button with the Sylveon poof print, and transparent purple glitter ring! Tied it all together with the frosted pacifier mouth piece and I just love it! I sleep with it nearly every night, and this is my second binky from Jay Kay Baby and I will never shop anywhere else again! It's well worth the price trust me! Thank you so much Jay Kay for such a great product! Can't wait for my next one!

  • 5
    Adorable Paci

    Posted by Skyler on Oct 22nd 2019

    Adorable and wonderful. I love it!