Panda Bear Bottle with Adult Nipple

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This listing includes one (1) 240ml bottle with your choice of bottle nipple. Pacifier not included.

It's decorated with cut vinyl and sealed with a clear dishwasher safe coating to prevent peeling. The seal takes 28 days to cure (you will be given a date). Once cured, bottle will be top rack dish washer safe for sanitize cleaning. Wash with warm soapy water before use.

If you want the bamboo vinyl to be a different please let me know in the 'Note to Seller' section!

Bottle nipple options:
- Silicone: This is a clear 2 3/4 inch long neck silicone adult nipple. Long enough to reach the back of an adult mouth to comfortably mimic the suckling motion. This teat comes pre-punched with a medium flow hole.
-NUK Latex: This is a genuine NUK cleft palate natural rubber latex nipple. It will come with original care instructions and extra clear screw bottle ring. This nipple does not have the feed hole pre-punched, but has instructions to do so. If you or the intended user is allergic to latex, DO NOT USE THIS NIPPLE.
-One of each: Will include one silicone and one latex nipple. Both nipples fit any standard baby bottle. They do not work with wide nipple baby bottles.

Ships in a 6x4x3 inch box for discreet, private shopping.